Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Second Foray Into Hydroponics

My last post documented my very first attempt at growing plants using aquaponics. It failed for several reasons:

  1. Turtle kept dislodging the plants
  2. I kept dislodging the plants when cleaning the tank
  3. Not sure the nutrients were present in high enough concentrations 
The plants grew to about 3cm and then stayed there until I ended the experiment.

This time around I kept it a little simpler and opted for straight hydroponic setup. A nutrient solution in the base of the container is wicked up to the grow media via a strip of fabric. The roots should eventually make it all the way down to the solution, taking in both air an water. The light is a CFL bulb which is pretty weak but cheap to run. A nearby window supplements it during the day.

I'm growing lettuce and basil.

Three weeks later and growth is a little disappointing:

I'm not sure but I think light and heat might be the limiting factors. 

Meanwhile I've started propagating some Java Fern, an aquatic plant, from the aquarium in a nutrient solution in an attempt to increase the amount of greenery in the aquarium.

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