Saturday, 15 August 2015

Sprung a leak

Following my last post about how I did such a great job of plumbing my DIY canister filter for our soon-to-be turtle tank, one of the joints sprung a leak.

The T shown below had a threaded cap on the top, through which I could funnel water into the filter intake hose so as to prime the system. The filter relies on the system being fully-flooded, meaning no air. To prevent air getting in I used plumbers tape (Teflon tape) and Vaseline to make a super tight joint.

Unfortunately I overtightened the threaded cap and sometime early on Sunday morning this happened:

Fortunately we heard it split and were able to fix it. The split allowed air to get in, which broke the vacuum which the pump relies on to pull water through the filter and push it back into the aquarium. So when the vacuum broke, the water stopped moving although the pump was spinning.

I've since spent the last week experimenting with alternative methods to create air-tight joints and prevent the gradual ingress of air into the filter. Left unchecked the filter would become less and less efficient as more of the water was replaced with air.

My latest attempt is shown below:

I'm hoping that by minimizing the number of joints and just submerging the intake hose in the water, the in-flow of the filter will be less restricted and that that in turn will make it easier for water to be pulled into the filter and less likely that air will be drawn in. We shall see. I capped the end of the tube with a 1" T junction. I used an 'X' of egg crate material (the same kind used for the lid) to prevent fish getting sucked in.

Earlier this week I acquired some new plants. I'm particularly pleased about the Red Ludwigia in the foreground and the Cabomba in the background. The Tiger Barb seem to love the new foliage.


Chris said...

Update: This fixed my problems with air getting into the system. A combination of restricting the output of the pump a little and minimizing restrictions on the intake was what was necessary to stop the air getting in!

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