Monday, 11 May 2015

Pump Action

The pump arrived! 740 turtles gallons per hour of pump action. I promptly sped to Home Depot to buy the fittings that were necessary to connect it up to the rest of the system. This was not that easy because I needed to join two different size hoses together in a way that household plumbing never requires one to do. I spent my one-good-idea-for-the-week on solving this problem and came up with a cunning plan which worked. I'll post a separate blog post on that later in the week. 

The picture below shows the rough set-up. Priming the filter was messy which is why there is so much water over the garage floor. I went about it all wrong but I think I know what I need to do differently. 

The hoses are far too long right now but I'm not going to cut them until I'm sure how it will work. The upturned plant pots are integral to the filter support mechanism - this needs to change. There is still no media in the filter, this will make some impact on the flow rate but I'm really not sure how much.

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