Friday, 29 March 2013

Spring Reaches Calgary

Spring reaches Calgary and not a day too soon.

These photos were taken from alongside the Elbow river near, Bridgeland, Calgary.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Router Table Experiments

Here is a sliding dovetail cut on the router table:

Its a bit pony because its the first time we've done this. The joint is snug and only a few degrees off of square! The most import thing was that it took almost no time to make and involved lots of noise, sawdust and sharp spinning things. The router is my new favourite power tool.

Oak and Cherry

I'm going to be building a floor vent cover out of oak for one of the hackerspace members. I'm also going to build an end grain chopping board out of cherry. This was more than enough reason to make my first trip to the lumber yard. So many variates. The most interesting find was a piece of fir with half a bullet embedded in it. There was only half because when the log was sent through the saw mill the blade sliced the bullet along with the tree!

The top board is Cherry and the bottom one is Red Oak. A step up from pine...

The Finished Stool

Here is the finished stool:

Here is what I learned while making this:

  1. Bowed lumber, even if only slightly bowed, is a nightmare to work with. Unfortunately my jointer can only accommodate lumber up to 5.5" wide, so no use for this project
  2. My chisels are not sharp enough
  3. Portable belt sanders are angry tools. I need to bulk up so I can actually control the thing 
  4. Polyurethane should be applied sparingly and sanded between applications. My first two coats were far too thick and the finish was rough and drippy. The third coat was just thick enough to cover the earlier blemishes but light enough to leave a drip free and very smooth surface.
This stool is rock solid, and I take solace from this because I did all the joinery with hand tools!