Saturday, 24 November 2012

Sketchup Woodworking Plans

I used Sketchup today for the first time in order to plan a woodworking project. I'm trying to make a shoe rack to accommodate all of my shoes, yes both of them, and a tiny portion of my girlfriends collection.
I'm not going to disclose how long it took me to draw this. I found the online reference a bit lacking and struggled a lot with accurately positioning things but the end result is far better than I could have managed with a pen and paper. I've already bought the material and acquired most of the tools needed so I am eager to start making sawdust. In related news, I have joined a hackerspace in Calgary called Protospace. This is a great bunch of people who run a communal hacking-space with loads of tools and people who know how to use them. I'll blog more on this in the future.


Gavin said...

Looking forward to seeing the results, looks good so far! Was wondering when you were going to get back to blogging ;)

Chris said...


Yeah it's been a while. Expect lots more woodworking posts in the near future! I'm mid-way through making a small decorative box although my marking out skills are still under-developed. Hopefully I will finish that project this week and can post some pictures.

Looking forward to learning how to use the table saw/router to achieve some better quality joints

Gavin said...

Just be careful with the table saw, you have to be confient with it or it will snap back at you!

Hopefully you can do some basic joints with a tenon saw and a chisel though?

Routers are good for dectoration too, like ogee edges and the likes, but bits aren't cheap

What do you use to mark out, a scribe or a pencil? It just takes a bit of practice :)

Chris said...

I've been using a pencil and set square but recently I bought a marking gauge. I'm finding it really hard to use though. I can't get a nice clean line - i'm not sure if it is because i'm trying to force the point too deep into the wood.

The box project is entirely made with hand tools. I'm going to get some training from the guys at the hacker-space on how to use the table saw because as you say, it can be pretty dangerous.

Gavin said...

It depends on what the wood is(i.e. how hard it is) as to how well a gauge works, I find a H pencil (is that #1 in Canada?) and a set square works most of the time - but practice makes perfect :)

metal shoe rack said...

Its a gorgeous piece!

Anonymous said...

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