Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Box Project Update

A quick update on my first woodworking project - I'm quite excited that it actually looks like a box now, and isn't a million miles away from the picture on the project plans.

Here is the box mid glue-up:

Here is the box after gluing and with the lid positioned. It still has to sanded, finished, nailed and a handle cut into the lid, but it has taken me about 10 hours just to get to this point!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Da Hood

We've just moved into our own place in Calgary and are enjoying getting to know the area. Yesterday the weather was beautiful so I went for a walk around the neighbourhood and took some photos as I went. Most of these photos were taken from Renfrew and Bridgeland, which are just north of down town Calgary.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Sketchup Woodworking Plans

I used Sketchup today for the first time in order to plan a woodworking project. I'm trying to make a shoe rack to accommodate all of my shoes, yes both of them, and a tiny portion of my girlfriends collection.
I'm not going to disclose how long it took me to draw this. I found the online reference a bit lacking and struggled a lot with accurately positioning things but the end result is far better than I could have managed with a pen and paper. I've already bought the material and acquired most of the tools needed so I am eager to start making sawdust. In related news, I have joined a hackerspace in Calgary called Protospace. This is a great bunch of people who run a communal hacking-space with loads of tools and people who know how to use them. I'll blog more on this in the future.