Saturday, 7 January 2012

Man Bench Transformation

For over a year, the affectionately named 'man bench' has been a bit of an eyesore in our flat. Its some old tool shelving that my Dad lifted from a building site at the end of a job. Our flat is quite small and storage space is at a premium, hence not throwing it out.

More recently I've begun playing the piano more regularly in an attempt to teach myself blues piano. Getting a keyboard stand has been out of the question because there just isn't the room to leave it up all the time. I've been using the ironing board as a temporary stand. It is however, rubbish; it wobbles and  cannot be adjusted to a suitable height for playing.

This afternoon I set about transforming the shelving into a sturdy keyboard stand. This involved lowering two of the shelves, sawing off the legs and cutting the top down to the right height.

Here's the before:

From Man Bench Transformation

Here's the during:

From Man Bench Transformation

And here's the after:

From Man Bench Transformation

From Man Bench Transformation

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