Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Making EE Times more readable

I enjoy reading some of the technical articles on the EETimes website. This is the best site I have found for professional electronic engineers (excluding the IEEE). Unfortunately, reading anything on the EETimes website is excruciating. There are so many adverts and flash videos that even on a fast computer the pages take ages to load, and scroll latency can be measured in minutes. Sadly, this means I quite often put off visiting the site, even though I'm sure there are interesting articles to be found.

Earlier this year I learned about Readability

I downloaded the app and now find reading EET articles far more inviting and a lot quicker. Here is an example of how much of a difference Readability makes

Try reading this:

Now try making it readable:

I know neither of these concepts are novel, but for anyone else that was put off reading EETimes by its crappy website design, hopefully this might change your mind.

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Smiler said...

That's a great tip! Something else you could try is using Instapaper - it stores just the text of the article, and also helps to compile lots of articles from across the web together that you can read in one go.

You can even have Instapaper email all your unread articles to your Kindle!