Thursday, 28 April 2011

Alternatives to amazon downloader

I'll keep this short, because I've just spent in excess of an hour trying to get Amazon's official, propitiatory downloader for linux Fedora 13 to work. The problem is that Amazon's binary is dynamically linked to old versions of C++ Boost libraries which are not part of Fedora 13 or beyond. Trying to install the old libraries and all their dependencies is a nightmare.

The solution is Pymazon. It works, its open source, its python (so installing it is a child's play) and best of all it is better than Amazon's official offering.

Also Clamz exists but I've not used it so cannot vouch for it.


Rob said...

Hi Chris,

I think Banshee allows you to browse and download from the Amazon music store (as was announced here). I haven't used it, but I hear things about it working...

I just use to buy my music. They don't require a crazy downloader application. They just provide zips of mp3s. For ultimate radness, there's -- they do FLACs for heavier monies, but unfortunately they have significantly less music :(


Chris said...

Cheers for the comment Rob. I've not considered Banshee before but it looks pretty well integrated. I might give it a go :)

I used to use 7digital, which provide a zip file just like, unfortunately Amazon always seems to beat them on price.