Thursday, 29 April 2010

Formica Expansion boards have vision ... almost!

Today was the fourth day of assembling and testing our Formica Expansion Boards. The final set of components arrived, enabling us to finish assembling all the boards. We spent the morning getting all of the bump sensor to work. These consist of a pair of piezo transistors, a rectifier, filter and Schmitt trigger. The conditioned analogue piezo signal and the digital signal from the Schmitt trigger are connected to the MSP430. This will allow the possibility of doing something clever with the analogue signal in software to deduce something about the nature of the collision. I'd like to see texture recognition based on this principle at some stage, although this is beyond the scope of our project.

The final, assembled expansion pack will look very similar to the ones in the photos below:

This eye sensor are not soldered on yet, because we are still prototyping how to make the aperture. The picture below has this chip soldered on it and we successfully read a pixel dump from it earlier today. Unfortunately the PCB footprint for one of the capacitors on the eye PCB was wrong, which meant 3v3->GND shorts were really easy to induce while soldering.

In order to manufacture the antennas in a sane and reproducible way, Tom constructed a jig to make them:

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Gavin said...

IT's looking very impressive - a jig for the sensors was definitely a good idea :)