Tuesday, 27 April 2010

First signs of life in Formica Expansion Board

Today we gained access to some surface mount soldering tools which ECS recently purchased. This meant we could solder on some of the more complex components such as the MSP430s. Particularly enjoyable was using the hot tweezers to rapidly solder on annoyingly small capacitors and resistors.

Below is a photo of the first signs of life from one of our expansion boards.

Unfortunately, while I was designing the board layout I reordered the programming pins (GND, DIO, CLK). This means that the programming adapters I have had to make to program Student Robotics boards are incompatible (GND, CLK, DIO). To get around this I made yet another adapter board. This lead to a rather unpleasant situation involving too many adapters. Here is a photo of the horror:

I think it is time I address this!

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