Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Canada Day #17

Today we went to the nearest town to where we were staying, Okotoks (oh-co-toks). It has a river which was, of course, frozen at this time of year. You can walk for what seemed like many miles along the river bank and even see deer along its edge. Also, for good measure, I've included a motel sign which amused me.

Canada Day #16

This evening we went to a Calgary Flames game which was as much a theatrical performance as it was a sporting event. As a result I enjoyed it immensely and found it far more entertaining than any football match I've watched before. There was light and sound displays, not to mention fire, mascots and pee-wee hockey. Here are some mediocre pictures, since my attention was on the ice and not my camera! The opponents were the LA Kings.

Canada Day #16

Today we went into `down town' Calgary. This was exciting for many reasons. Firstly I imagined it being like New York, given that It has some pretty big sky scrapers. Secondly It has a huge observation tower which we were going to ascend.

Here is the tower itself.

And here is the view through the glass floor at the top :s

These are a selection of my best photos taken looking down on Calgary.

The following two photos are of street level Calgary. The over ground tunnel is called a 'plus fifteen' as in plus fifteen feet above street level.

In the afternoon we went to Calgary Zoo which housed some pretty hardy animals, since most were outside all year round:

At night time during the festive period, the zoo is adorned with lights in a spectacle known as `zoo lights'

Canada Day #15

So, I fell somewhat behind with uploading photos from my trip to Canada. The ordering of the days therefore is slightly dubious. Anyway, Today we went to Big Rock, just outside of Okotoks, Alberta, Canada. Its special because it is believed to have been carried down from the Rockies by a glacier that once crept over these lands. It stands out in an otherwise rock-less flat expanse of pastures. I liked it anyway!

There really is nothing else around this rock, just a small car park

Here it is a little bit closer up

And here is me posing in front of the rock