Wednesday, 2 December 2009

GDP Week 9 (of 10)

Wow. There is exactly one week left before the submission of my 4th year Group Design project. This beast has taken over my last 9 working weeks and I'm now on the final straight - the group report. I have spent the last three days doing nothing but report writing and it has got me thinking:

How did I ever write group reports before I started using Linux?

During a typical report writing session I use:

  • LaTeX - I really can't imagine the horrors of having to collaboratively edit a single Word document, whilst simultaneously dealing with formatting, referencing, fighting with the formatting toolboxes.

  • GIMP - Sometimes you just have to Print Screen to get graphical data out of dreadful software; when this happens GIMP is your friend!

  • Subversion - I am still amazed that in fourth year there are students emailing zip files to each other instead of using some kind of versioning tool.

  • GNU Plot - This is quite possibly the most enjoyable piece of GNU software to use. It produces stunningly simple graphs without forcing you to play `hunt the properties option' whenever you want to tweak a setting. If you have ever used Open Office Spreadsheet for graphs you will understand why GNU Plot is so good!

  • Multiple Desktops - My flatmates joke about me having 8 virtual desktops...I need every one of them, especially when report writing

Ninja Cats

Now that the LaTeX document takes about 30 seconds to compile, I thought what would be great, is if while it was compiling, a python script randomly selected youtube videos of Ninja Cats were played to me. I spent about 10 minutes trying to make this a reality before realising I only have a week before the hand-in. Why doesn't this feature exist already?

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Samantha said...

Perhaps there are not enough ninja cats on youtube (or good ones anyway) to satisfy this? A project for the future for sure, even if they're just funny youtube videos in general and don't involve the ninja cats!