Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Canada Day #10

Today we went to a friend's for breakfast. Not just any breakfast though; this was a Canadian feast including crispy bacon, Canadian style pancakes and maple syrup. Before lunch we travelled from the South of Calgary to the North for the Olympic Oval Christmas skating. For $2 we got to skate around the Olympic ice rink and watch Santa Clause drive the Zamboni (the machine that cleans the ice). There were carollers and free cookies too.

We hired ice skates and managed just over one hour of injury-free skating. There are photos but not on my camera, so I can't post them just yet!.

In the evening we went to a Chinese restaurant. After taking our orders they asked "would you like full size or half size - you can take away what you don't eat". Needless to say we opted for the full size option and still have it in the fridge!

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