Monday, 21 December 2009

Canada Day #7

So I went to my first ever ice hockey game (don't call it a match, people look at you strangely). This was a fairly gentle introduction to the game since it was an over 35s league. The rules were fairly simple to pick up and I found it surprisingly entertaining to watch compared to football, rugby, cricket ... any sport. The `rink' was surprisingly small when you consider many thousands of people cram into stadiums to watch these games.

For me the most surprising thing about ice hockey is that there is nowhere that is out of bounds. Players can play the puck behind the goal if they like. This means there are very few interruptions to the game, making it far more exciting to watch.

The team we were supporting was the Mustangs, and they were playing the Bonavista Breakers. The Mustangs lost convincingly.

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