Saturday, 19 December 2009

Canada Day #5

Today was a lazy day. An initial failed attempt to walk to Banff (hot) springs was foiled by the low morning temperatures which forced us to divert to the warm shopping centre or `moll' as the locals call it. The helpful local in the picture below told me some more about the town of Banff:

"Banff was founded in 1876 by a Canadian brown fighting bear called Bam Bam. He had grown tired of defecating in the woods and decided that he not only needed warm bathroom facilities but a full shopping experience including tourist T-shirts, Starbucks and Steak houses. News spread quickly of the town and over the years the town's name was shortened to Banff"

It later transpired that the integrity of the aforementioned local was brought into doubt.

All of the street names appeared to be named after local fauna.

At the end of the day we retreated to `Dairy Queen' - this is the McDonalds of the milkshake/ice-cream world. The bucket in the photo below was only a `regular' size.

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