Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Automata & Useless Machines

Back in design and technology class during GCSE I made an automata of a flying pig. It had angle wings that flapped and floated around a little, whilst the clouds moved in the background. The word 'shoddy' would aptly describe it. My woodworking skills were, and I can only assume still are, poor. Whilst always backed up with plenty of enthusiasm, my creations generally looked better in my mind than in reality. I think it has something to do with a lack of patience.

I completely forgot about all of this until about fifteen minutes ago, when I stumbled upon this construction on the hack-a-day website. This then lead me on to a Youtube binge of useless machines and inspired automata. I think I'm envious of just about every one of these machines. They are clearly a labour of love. Here were my personal highlights. For those cautious of entering the same Youtube binge, its too late.


Simple but brilliant - Flipping Pancakes

Adorable - Marching Penguins

Sad - An Afternoon in the park

Bizarre - Drifting Apart

Useless machines

Art? - Unplugger

Hot? - Banana Fan

Spinning - Its the things you can't change that change you

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