Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Lunch break Post

With 12 minutes left of my lunch break, I'll keep this short.

Fedora 11: I've finally got around to updating to Fedora 11. It broke my ALSA driver and there were loads of problems with the fedora 11 repositories. However I fixed this and I can begin poking around to see what has actually changed. CTRL+ALT+Backspace no longer works and the Sound controller has changed - this is all I've gleamed so far!

MythBuntu: My house mates and I have hacked together a media PC in our lounge on which we've installed MythUbuntu (My pleas for Fedora went unheard) and we're currently configuring it the way we want it. Rich sorted out Wii remote control which is a pleasure to use, particularly fast forwarding, which involves twisting your wrist! We're yet to install a DVB-TV tuner and get proper PVR functionality, but time is our only enemy at the moment.