Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Anything but revision....

After a day of group revision our minds wandered from Radio Comms and Analogue electronics and onto cool things to make for our house next year. The result is still in the 'wild ideas' stage but essentially its a teas made system, without all the automated kettle rubbish. Essentially when you go to make a cup of tea, a 'Tea?' request is sent to everyone's computers, besides which is a `tea button'. After the offer of tea you have ~15 seconds to hit the button to confirm you want tea/coffee. A small lcd readout near the kettle alerts the tea maker to the number of teas/coffees required. The kettle boils and when it is lifted from its stand the 'tea ready' signal is relayed back to those who ordered tea.

Its all explained here:

Monday, 18 May 2009

Bees Not Included

..is the new name for this blog. Courtesy of Sloganize which incidentally is a good way to waste half an hour.

Friday, 8 May 2009


Last night, Student Robotics was awarded an Excellence in Volunteering Award (EVA) for Best Student-Led Project.

"The EVAs are a celebration and acknowledgement of volunteering in SUSU. From dropping the beats live on air, to digging flower beds and running societies, SUSU has a diverse and inspirational volunteering movement." source

The award ceremony was held at Southampton Guildhall and featured performances from a range of societies including Comedy Club, Jazz Dance, Showstoppers and Ballroom & Latin Dance Society.

Well done to everyone who has helped out in the society over the years and made it into on of the best!