Saturday, 14 March 2009

PWM & JIO Boards V2 (SR)

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It has taken me approximately three days of soldering, de-soldering, and then flashing to get through all of the mods on the JointIO and PWM Boards but now they are all done. This means they will be shipped from Monday of this week onwards. Which leaves the teams with just about enough time to program their robots.

Here is a photo of the individual boards:

JointIO Board

PWM Board

Jointio & PWM Boards

Monday, 2 March 2009

Third Year Project - CAT Scanning Results

Here is an exciting before and after pair of images demonstrating the CAT scanning ability of the program written for my Third Year Project. The original images is of 'Lena' which as explained in this wikipedia article is a common test image for image processing techniques. The resolution of the scan is only set to 25% of the maximum at the moment, because of the time taken to process, but i'll look into improving this next!

The Original File: Lena

The CAT Scan Output file