Monday, 22 December 2008

Dell Studio

After aprox 9 months using my EEE PC I have upgraded to a proper laptop. Whilst my EEE PC was handy in lectures for following slides and for watching BBC iplayer it was not really up to much else (viewing PCB layouts on 7in of screen is almost impossible). This was really apparant last week when i had to work on the Student Robotics hardware. I was forced to use it as not much more than a dumb terminal from which I could shell into the SR server, Rob's desktop computer and the slug in order to get anything done. This was really painful and so I bought a Dell Studio laptop which has 15in screen amongst other benefits.

It arrived three days ago with Vista preinstalled. I subsequently shrunk the Windows partition to make way for Fedora 10. I decided to make the switch from Ubuntu to Fedora for no significant reason other than change - and to simplify setting up the MSP430 tool chain. So far so good.

Setting up dual boot was considerably easier this time. This is because I cheated and used a third party windows bootloader tool to set it up. Although there are undoubtedly 'better' ways of doing this, I found EasyBCD really simple to use. There are even Fedora specific instructions for how to do the install. My first attempts at dual booting Ubuntu/XP a year ago, required at least two reinstallations of the MBR (mainly becuase i didn't know what i was doing) so this tool was a welcome change.


Chris said...

CORRECTION: Not everything is ok, since updating my kernel version over Christmas ALSA has started playing up:

Bug 477954

Gavin said...

EasyBCD is very good - tho I probably would have formatted the Vista partition and put XP/Fedora instead.

How does it compare in weight/battery life etc? Portability and practicality tend to be inverses of one another unfortunately!