Saturday, 29 November 2008

Tongue Extraction

I have just completed my first ever Dynamic Programming project for Intelligent Algorithms module COMP3032. The task was to extract a contour which corresponds to the human tongue shown in the ultrasound image shown below:

The first step was to narrow the search area by applying some boundary conditions. The red points in the image above represent these conditions. The region is extracted by joining up the points and sampling along the lines. Next an energy functional was defined to describe a 'good contour'. An optimal contour will be smooth and have high intensity. The end result is shown below (Note: pixel values have been inverted i.e. negative image):

The contour is a good representation of the tongue and because the energy functional places equal emphasis on smoothness and intensity, it is not affected by the noise (high intensity pixels near the centre of the search area). With a week left before the deadline I hope to improve the computation time and experiment with changing the various parameters.

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Smiler said...

Good to see you got it! So how long did that take to compute?