Friday, 1 August 2008

I've Missed You Blighty

For the past 35 days I have been interralining around Europe, stopping at major cities and sleeping in cheap hostels. I have seen 1.5Gb of tourist stuff and eaten an unhealty amount of Salami and Ice Cream (although never at the same time - thats just silly). Now I am back, and I have never been so glad to be back in England. Whilst my travels were fun and educational (travelling really does broaden the mind), they were nonetheless tiring and exhaustive.

My contact with the outside world has been limited. Very limited. I had a mobile phone with a UK only SIM and a collective total of 90min of internet cafe time. Despite my undeniably unhealthy addiction to the internet and my computer I missed neither whilst away. Even being unaware of the latest headlines and tabloid playthings was of no concern to me. Now that I am back in the country (still devoid of a permenant internet connection and my computer) the usual distractions are creeping back into my daily routine.

My travel photos are available, unfortunately on Facebook only (i love flickr, but I only have time to upload to one site, and I've got fbook-only friends to please). They can be found here: Part III, Part II, Part I. But what have I actually learnt from this trip??

  • It is possible to eat Ice Creams every day for 35 days continuous and not put on weight

  • Europe is expensive

  • The Interrail pass does not always work out cheaper than buying tickets ad hoc. Hefty reservation fees soon add up, especially in Italy, Greece and on sleeper trains

  • The leaning tower of Pisa is tiny - There is nothing else to do in Pisa

  • Florence is dull and I cannot imagine it not being 'overcast'

  • The Berlin TV Tower is overprice for what it is

  • European trains sometimes have splitting carriages. Always check that you are in the correcct car before the journey.

  • Greecians are not all friendly

  • Venice, in places, smells

  • I like Oscar Wilde

  • Sleeper trains are termed sarcastically (I do not sleep well on them)

  • Prague is very much 'hyped'

Salvidor Dali, before the Prage Castle


Gavin said...

We get splitting trains here too you know :p

Glad you had a good time - you wouldn't have been able to say all of those things without going, so it must have been worth it!

It is tempting to try out the ice cream thing tho....

Chris said...

Oh Yeah, No regrets. I'm just being cynical! Perhaps I'll get around to writing a blog about all the good things, although hopefully the photographs go some way towards that!