Friday, 21 March 2008

Nice Weather For Existential Ducks

A term of university and not a single blog post, laziness or just too busy? A mixture of the two if I'm honest. To make up for it, here are a selection of Easter (or secondary gifting period for the non-religious (myself included (nested brackets! proof, if needed that too much programming is bad for one's grammar))) photos.

For those interested to know whats comming up soon on this blog...
  • Infra red communication link tutorial. Following on from a recent university project, I have learnt a considerable deal about this subject and shall pass on as much as I can remember.

  • USB and AVR programming. I hope to learn how to use firware to directly interface an AVR with a USB port.

  • EEE PC Review. A down-to-earth review of my EEE PC and its impact on my life!

And for those who just want to look at photos:

Backwell Lake (hmm, ok Backwell Duck Pond then)

Some Cute Albino Ducks

Two geese, jealous of the media attention, approach. The Ducks are not startled

At first, on hearing news of the approaching avian flu, Bernard was shocked...

...But his existentialism soon kicked in.


Smiler said...

When did you blog begin reading like a tabloid newspaper? Actually, it makes better reading than the Wessex Scene - maybe you should write for them!

Still, an entertaining post. Damn geese are always jealous, that's why their so volient I'm sure...

Chris said...

Well thats what reading the Sun does to you. I think i'll stick to tech related stuff in the future, with perhaps the odd 'Paris Hilton getting out of a taxi' post when tech posts are hard to find. :-)