Wednesday, 26 December 2007

WZ Grapher

For those who can't get their hands on MATLAB, I've found WZGrapher which. For anyone who just wants to be able to plot [any] function quickly and accurately without having to fill a spreadsheat in Excel I suggest WZGrapher. I found it essential to be able to view the functions for a Communications assignment in order to verify my answers and convince myself I knew what I was doing. There is even a [minimal] version of WZGrapher online which is free to use and can handle up to five functions as well as compute Fourier Series.

The program is exceptionally light, requires no installation and is as intuitive as you'd expect for a maths program. The website also promises a Linux version to come in the [near] future.

The latest version of WZGrapher can be downloaded from or you can use the online javascript version at

(This post was originally hosted at in November 2006)

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