Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Post Exam Projects

Once the second semester exams are over in approximately three weeks, and after the deserved celebrations I intend to actually finish/start some of the projects I have previously attempted. Starting with the PIC Controlled LCD Serial Interface project. Over the coming weeks I will post updates with pictures, code, schematics and a large list of my mistakes and learnings to document my work. The general aim of the project is outlined below.

PIC Controlled LCD Serial Interface Project

The aim is simple but ambitious. To control a two line LCD screen with a windows PC via a serial RS232 port. The project is broken up into the following tasks:

  • To control an LCD screen using a PIC microcontroller programmed in assembler

  • To pass bytes of data along the serial port to the PIC and store them in the internal registers

  • To write a C# or C program to pass characters (in ASCI coded binary) to the PIC which then relays them to the LCD

  • To learn more about digital communication, assembler, interfacing hardware and debugging.

The end goal is ultimately to add an additional screen to my computer which can scroll through my email messages, 'now playing' list in WMP, BBC news headlines, and flash up messages, alerts and anything i program it to do. Ambitious but potentially amazing.

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