Wednesday, 26 December 2007

The Gimp 2.0 Image Manipulation

After what seems like a lifetime battle against Paint Shop Pro to create decent web graphics I have discovered The GIMP. The GIMP is an open source free image manipulation package which is as powerful if not more so than most paid for graphics software. After just one hours reading of a tutorial on the GIMP web site, I was able to create the new banner for this site. Although most of the concepts of layers and masks and filters were foreign to me at first, due to the intuitive nature of the program and its excellent documentation I was soon able to do things that would previously have been inconceivable within the confines of Paint Shop Pro's daunting interface.

On first installing the program its clear that it is extremely powerful, not least because it takes an age to load. Secondly you are confronted with a conservatory of windows each awash with tempting colourful buttons and the friendly fox logo. Once you delve into the guts of the software and begin working through some tutorials (which is highly recommended) you soon realise that you have pretty much unlimited control over every aspect of the image including transparency, text, 3D effects and many more obscure properties you probably won't have encountered before.

The latest version of The GIMP can be found at and is available for use on Windows, Mac and Linux.

(This post was originally hosted at in November 2006)

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