Thursday, 27 December 2007

DocDrop Version 2

Six months on from the first versions of DocDrop with the dodgy javascript coding and questionable colour scheme, version 2.0 is finally ready. The major issues with the first version were:

  • All the files were shown on the one page. As more were added the page became long and irritating to navigate.

  • The Descriptions and versions were not immediately visible and sometimes hard to find.

  • There was a limited range of file types accepted.

  • Once a file was uploaded it could not be moved, renamed or ammended without re-uploading.

New And Improved

Version 2.0 offers the following improvements

  • Documents are now arranged in 'Folders' like on windows systems. Documents can be moved between folders and uploaded to new or specific folders. Files can then be grouped appropriately and only folder names are shown on the main page.
  • There is a greater range of allowable file types which can be uploaded to the server. These include zip and iso as well as msi files.
  • There is better error reporting and feedback when uplaoding and deleting files.
  • I, the administrator now have the privilage to delete any file uploaded by any user. This was foolishly ommited until now.
  • The user interface has been radically changed. You can now navigate through folders effortlessly and file information is presented clearly. There is no more javascript used to control elements on the page and only the required form elements are shown.

The Backend

The code has been greatly improved and most of the major holes have been repaired. These were mainly in the data entry parts where user entered text was unmoderated. Secondly the error feedback and message reporting has been improved so that clearer more relevant messages are generated. Finally if for some reason a file becomes deleted from the docs/ folder but remains in the database, the database entry is automatically removed. This didn't happen in the first version and caused some problems.

Please write any feedback about the new version in the comments section below. Suggestions and criticism are welcomed. Thanks.

(This post was originally available at and refers to a feature only available at the previous address. DocDrop 2.0 is still availble at but only registered users may upload files)

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